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You Tube Brandwatch - Heidi Klum Guitar Hero

Posted: 31/01/10  |  clip viewed 5315 times

More than 80 different versions of this Brett Ratner-directed ad have been uploaded to YouTube since it aired on TV at the start of November. The most-viewed video has been seen 632,062 times and has generated more than 300 comments. The version uploaded on Guitar Hero’s own channel has been viewed 462,533 times. With that amount of traffic, this latest Guitar Hero ad looks set to become the most popular yet.

What you see:

Supermodel Heidi Klum reprising Tom Cruise's Risky Business role, dancing in just socks and shirt with an electric guitar to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll.”

There are two versions of this ad—one where Heidi Klum keeps her shirt on and another, the director's cut, where Klum discards her shirt to cavort in nothing but black lingerie. The tame version was made for network TV while the stripped-down version became an instant hit on YouTube. Can you guess which one has received more online views?
Social Media Effect:

The first rule of social-media marketing is “Know your audience/community,” and no marketer has yet failed by offering up shots of scantily clad women to a youth-oriented online audience. With the release of the director's cut on YouTube, Guitar Hero has seen an already successful TV ad become a viral Internet hit that is being spread by word-of-mouth across not just YouTube but also blogs (69,000 related posts) and social networks.