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Do the Green Thing's Strange Meeting

Posted: 29/01/10  |  clip viewed 8871 times

In today's interconnected, linked in world can't technology help us be more sustainable, more productive and save money at the same time?

That's what Do The Green Thing is making us consider in its new Stay Grounded campaign.

SMI like the way Do The Green Thing puts creativity at the heart of its sustainability awareness building so we asked DTGT's Michael Wright to explain the thinking behind its latest piece of work, Strange Meeting.

Michael writes:

We set out to burst the bubble of the image of business flying as a "glamorous" activity and something that has its perks. What good is a perk if it makes you feel as bad as Bob in the film? And was his carbon cost worth it just to sit in an office for a few hours and eat some dinner and then head back?

Considering the reality of flying - not just the massive environmental damage but airport delays and plastic food - perhaps we are kidding ourselves that there's something that great about putting ourselves through all that, unless it's really necessary?

The point is we're not saying 'never get on a plane' but we should ask ourselves if we can do the job another way. Technology now makes it possible for us to come together even though we are apart and even though it can't be the same as a face-to-face experience (at least until the next generation of virtual reality brain implants come on the market), a different kind of social interaction and fun can be had. Businesses need to reinvent how they do things and be more creative, resourceful and imaginative as a response both to climate change and online networks.

Of course the upside of avoiding getting on a plane is we won't lose part of our lives sitting in a metal tube, and dumping greenhouse gas into the atmosphere while the person next to you talks for three hours about supply chains.

Green Thing ( inspires people to lead a greener life with brilliant bits of creativity which turn it from something you ought to do to something that people want to do. Join people from 205 countries doing their green things and making a difference.