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Social Media Sustainability Workshop


As companies move to make themselves more sustainable the role of social media in company communications will become even more important. Social media and sustainability strategies are built on the pillars of transparency, ethics and innovation with an aim to securing the company’s bottom line.

Today, the most successful social-media sustainability communicators are demonstrating how their companies can be useful to the greater community and they’re doing it in a way that allows true community participation and feedback. The aim of this one-day workshop is to demonstrate how social media can elevate the role and effectiveness of sustainability to build better relationships with stakeholders.

Each delegate receives a copy of the SMI Social Media Sustainability Index

Who in Your Company Should Attend
This seminar is geared especially for communicators from the fields of sustainability, CSR, corporate communications, internal communications, PR and marketing.

What You Will Learn
This one day workshop will demonstrate the best practice in social media sustainability communications, including how to:
- Listen and monitor social media sustainability conversations
- Protect company reputation around sustainability issues
- Build and collaborate with social media communities
- Build a social media sustainability content strategy
- Communicate sustainability stories that don’t fit into a traditional marketing or PR campaign
- Breathe new life into online sustainability and CSR reports

About the Trainer

This workshop is taught by Social Media Influence co-founder Matthew Yeomans. A journalist and consultant, Matthew has provided social media consultancy to companies such as HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, VW and Tesco.  His writing on sustainability and the environment has been published in the Guardian Sustainable Business, AdAge, Time and other publications. He is the author of Oil: Anatomy of an Industry and the recent Social Media Sustainability Index special report.

What Clients Say:
“The training sessions blended Matthew’s experience as an accomplished journalist, genuine social media maven, and as an event organiser and speaker. They were appreciated. And they worked. “
- Chris Reed, Managing Partner, Brew Digital

“Matthew’s brought a journalist’s perspective to the social web, which, when earned attention is the order of the day, is one of the most valuable points of view to have.”
- Antony Mayfield, Founding Partner, Brilliant Noise

Contact matthew @ for more information.