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Social Media Crisis Communication Training

As big brands are quick to discover these days, deploying old-school PR methods to defuse a crisis is no longer acceptable corporate comms practice in an age where damaging “news” can break from a Twitter feed, blog post or YouTube clip. While these social tools that can sink the reputation of a slow-footed organisation, they can be used to great effect by the social-savvy company to manage its communications swiftly, openly and with greater impact for all your stakeholders in a time of crisis.


Through a series of best- and worst-practice examples and interactive role-playing exercises, we’ll teach you how to effectively handle a social media crisis and to use social media to help manage and lead crisis communication. This workshop takes traditional media “crisis” training ” to the next level and draws from the lessons of SMI’s book: #FAIL, The 50 Greatest Social Media Screw-Ups.

You will learn the latest social media tactics, tools and tips to defuse a crisis and better manage your corporate reputation. The trainers have advised some of the world’s largest financial services companies on social media risk management around rights issues and investments.

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What you get out of it
We provide fresh insight into how your company can update its crisis communications strategy for the Web 2.0 era, plus we deliver a comprehensive understanding of how these evolving technologies are forever changing corporate communications practice. This is a practical, results-oriented workshop delivered by veteran media trainers and social media experts with a deep background in e-reputation and crisis management for FTSE 100-sized firms.

What delegates have said about the workshop

I was really impressed by the quality of both trainers that were able to share their experience from “live examples.” I really appreciated the “4 Ps” theory and the “Decision Tree” that fit a variety of communications and form great material to train our mediators. Great workshop! -  Jean-Manuel Henderson Varlin, Contact Centre Manager, Eurostar

This training session was  breath of fresh air. Concise, insightful, and thought-provoking, Neil and Bernhard’s approach combined fresh perspectives with authoritative knowledge and greatly helped me get to grips with this rapidly-evolving field. – Dan Selinger, Group Communications Executive, Oxford University Press