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SMI Conference

Social Media Influence is the UK’s longest-running conference devoted purely to social media issues. This year’s conference, 360 Degrees of a Social Company, will be held on June 13, 2013 at the Cavendish Conference Centre.

The conference was launched in April 2006 under the name Blogging4Business and continued under that name for two years before evolving with the times to embrace the growing field of social media. During that time we have provided a showcase for companies big and small to demonstrate the best practice in social media and social business design.

Sponsors and speakers have included: PepsiCo, Dell, Starbucks, Unilever, Orange, YouTube, Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Headshift, iCrossing, Sony, Allen & Overy, BT, and many others.

You can peruse some of the archives of previous conferences below.


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